Eugene Jarvis for the original Defender game!

Bill Kendrick (original programming)
Will Sams (Dreamcast port, additional programming)
Sami I Saarnio (music) ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/music/artists/nutcase/

Niko Nyman (music)
Peter Salzman (original tester)
Gabe Rosa(original tester)
Courtney Reynolds (DC version tester)


Dan Potter for KallistiOS.  Sam Lantigua for Simple Direct Media Layer, Ian Micheal (Reaper) for his dedication to SDL-DC, Bero for SDL-DC,Julie for being Julie, and DC Petition.Com for continuing to fight the good fight!.


 Defendguin 2002, 2003 New Breed Software, Defendguin DC   2003 Storm! Studios